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Lyle V. Harris, MARTA chief spokesperson

You read that correctly. Starting May 1st, SaportaReport will be hosting the first-ever “MARTA Challenge,” an online contest to discover innovative ways to make MARTA the best transit system it can be.

So how does the MARTA Challenge work?

At least once a week, MARTA’s Thought Leadership tab on SaportaReport will feature original content produced by our customers, critics, champions or anyone who wants to share constructive ideas or compelling opinions about MARTA, or regional transit.

No subject matter or narrative form is off-limits. Entries can include essays, scholarly articles, haikus, photo slide shows, tone poems, short videos – you name it. All entries will be minimally edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, accuracy and propriety to ensure they meet the editorial standards of the SaportaReport.

Readers will vote online for the best original entry of the month with the top vote-getter winning a weekly Breeze card.  For their efforts, runners-up will receive some primo MARTA merchandise guaranteed to make them the envy of their friends and neighbors.

At the end of the MARTA Challenge, readers will pick from the best-of-the-best monthly winners. Whoever scores the most votes will win a Grand Prize that includes (drumroll please)… free Breeze cards for a year and lunch with MARTA General Manager/CEO, Keith T Parker.

Mind you, the MARTA Challenge is no idle exercise or slick marketing gimmick. Entries may be evaluated by MARTA staff. If you submit an idea that helps MARTA cut costs, enhance efficiency or improve customer service, for example, we’ll consider implementing it.

You don’t have to be transit “expert,” or even a regular customer to participate; and you can submit content as often as you wish. The only qualification is that you share our goal of making MARTA better.

The reason for this challenge is simple: Faced with significant challenges, MARTA must fundamentally change its business model in order to grow and thrive in the future.

MARTA’s transformation is already underway and we’ve begun demonstrating to our private sector partners that we’re “open for business.”  That also means MARTA is open for new ideas, new insights and new opportunities – no matter who they come from.

The MARTA Challenge also underscores our commitment to work with the community we serve to tell MARTA’s story about where we’ve been, where we’re going and, most of all, how we’ll get there together. And that’s a truly great story to tell.

To participate in the MARTA Challenge, please submit your entries to [email protected]

*****(MARTA employees and family members are invited to submit content but are NOT eligible to win prizes.)

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  1. Rick Stevens says:

    Great! A world class mass transit system is the biggest piece of the puzzle to make Atlanta on of the world’s great cities.

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