Investing in Atlanta Transportation Today For a More Livable, Sustainable Future

Brian Gist

Brian Gist

By Brian Gist

For too long, transportation in Atlanta has been synonymous with driving, with plenty of cars and congested roads, but few other options. Transit service has been notoriously infrequent or unavailable in many areas, making metro Atlanta among the worst in the country for the ability to access jobs via transit. Sidewalks desperately need repair and those willing to brave the traffic on two wheels know all too well that our roads weren’t designed with bicyclists in mind. Continue reading

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MARTA Fresh Markets return at select stations with locally sourced produce

By Rhonda White, MARTA Intern, Department of Communications & External Affairs

The second season of the Fresh MARTA Market kicked-off on Friday, Sept. 23 at the Five Points Station with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that celebrated the value of the program and its convenience for MARTA customers. Continue reading

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Shovels Up for Edgewood/Candler Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

By Rhonda White MARTA Media Relations Intern, Summer 2016

Dirt sprung into the air on Monday, Aug. 22 to celebrate the groundbreaking for MARTA’s Edgewood/Candler Park Transit Oriented Development (TOD). MARTA partnered with Invest Atlanta and chose Columbia Ventures to lead development. Columbia Ventures is calling the project “Spoke” because it represents the unique location and connectivity residents will receive within the Edgewood and Candler Park communities—this development will function as the spoke—or hub, for the two areas through housing, retail and mobility. Continue reading

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MARTA rolls out “bendy” buses, test drives a double decker

Earlier this summer, MARTA announced that it would add 18 articulated buses – also known as “bendy” buses—to its fleet. The buses were put into service on Aug. 8, and will be on the agency’s high-ridership routes throughout the metro area. Continue reading

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62, 66 and 73. 1957, 1996, and 2016. Remember those numbers.

To be a transit-enthusiast in metro Atlanta is a position often fraught with disappointment and frustration. It is certainly not for the faint of heart, nor those who are not prepared for a constant, uphill battle. However, from the point of view of this eternal optimist, the tide seems to be turning (as I continue to hold my breath, and furiously “knock on wood”). Continue reading

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Why Uber Atlanta is Proud to Support MARTA’s Expansion

By Luke Marklin, General Manager for Uber in Atlanta

Luke Marklin, General Manager for Uber in Atlanta

Luke Marklin, General Manager for Uber in Atlanta

Last week, we celebrated the passage of a landmark bill in the Georgia Legislature that would extend the reach of MARTA’s infrastructure, increasing mobility for more of our communities across the Atlanta metro area.

At Uber, we share MARTA’s goal of getting more people to their destinations safely and efficiently. We share their vision of an Atlanta that is less congested, has lower emissions, and is less dependent on cars. And just like MARTA, our Uber Atlanta team is dedicated to finding the best ways to serve communities all across this city we’re all proud to call home. So it’s only natural that we should work together. Continue reading

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A Native Atlantan Talks Transportation

By Nick Juliano of Advance Atlanta

I was born and grew up in Atlanta. For those of us who have spent our lives here, it’s no secret that we’ve seen the region change. Yet, as new companies have moved to town, new cities have popped up out of old unincorporated regions, the BeltLine has remade parts of the city limits, and many other developments, one thing has remained a constant complaint of longtime residents, transplants, and visitors alike: the lack of comprehensive regional transit. Continue reading

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Urban Sprawl’s Poster Child Grows Up

Quinn Mulholland of the Harvard Political Review

Quinn Mulholland of the Harvard Political Review

This article was originally published in the Harvard Political Review

In the 1990s, urban development expert Christopher Leinberger dubbed Atlanta the poster child for urban sprawl, and “the name kind of stuck.” The city’s suburbs were growing at a rapid pace, adding over a million people between 1990 and 2000. With MARTA, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, confined within city limits because of worries of the crime it would bring, massive freeways and wide parkways provided the only connections to the wider metropolitan area. Gas-guzzling cars filled the roads, ferrying suburbanites to and from their homes on quiet cul-de-sacs, past big box stores and strip malls, and through open countryside. Continue reading

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Shelters, Shelters and More (Branded) Shelters!

By Andrew Babb, Georgia Tech Student

Every day, I walk to the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Ponce de Leon Place and wait for either the 2 or 102 to whisk me into town. Some may know this location better as the light next to Chipotle. Every day I listen to Chipotle’s smooth, relaxing, commercially tex-mex soundtrack flowing down from their raised porch immediately behind the stop. And almost every day, I either stand three feet from forty mile-an-hour traffic, or I stand on the hill that leads up to Chipotle, which is made of mud more than grass. I’ve often wondered why there’s no shelter there, not even a bench. The space (though somewhat hilly) is open and unused, and the stop is arguably one of the best for providing access between MARTA and the Beltline, which can be reached across the street, through the Kroger parking lot. Continue reading

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Art on Track: Seeing MARTA Through a Different Lens

By Lyle Harris, Chief Spokesperson, MARTA

Lyle V. Harris, Chief Spokesperson, MARTA

By Lyle V. Harris, Chief Spokesperson, MARTA

While a picture is worth a thousand words, the stirring photographic exhibit recently staged aboard a MARTA train left some customers speechless.

The October 18 exhibit entitled “Art on Track,” transformed a pair of workaday railcars into kinetic photo galleries that surprised and delighted unsuspecting riders. It also offered another real-life example of MARTA’s vision to nurture successful relationships with metro Atlanta’s burgeoning “creative class,” to help reflect the rich culture, poignant history and soulful humanity of the community we serve. Continue reading

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