SPARK change for Greater Atlanta

It’s not easy getting a nonprofit off of the ground. The vision and inspiration to champion a cause might be there, but without resources, plans for positive community change often fizzle. That’s why United Way of Greater Atlanta created its SPARK Prize Competition – to change that fizzle to a spark.

Do you know nonprofits, businesses or community groups working to address the needs of children and families in Greater Atlanta? Through SPARK Prize, a “Shark Tank” style live competition, we award small grants to help communities test innovative ideas that can move the needle on our region’s most pressing issues. Prizes will be awarded at our C3 Conference on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Because of the SPARK Prize Competition, nonprofits like Next Generation Men & Women grew from ideas to successful nonprofits making an impact on Greater Atlanta.

Ian Cohen, the executive director of Next Generation Men & Women says, “as an organization just six months old, having the opportunity to compete and win one of the SPARK Prizes from United Way was instrumental in propelling us to where we are today.  When we first started, we were just a concept with a few test cases.  The resources and recognition we received as a result of the SPARK Prize allowed us to fully pilot our program and now we have grown to serving ~100 students across 4 schools in less than 2 years.  The experience helped us refine our vision and gave us the United Way stamp of approval that has led to over $500,000 in additional support from across Atlanta since the competition.  Simply put, we would not be here without the SPARK Prize and we reach and serve students all across our city.”

Watch Next Generation Men & Women’s SPARK Prize Competition post below. And don’t forget to submit your pitch or refer other nonprofits here.

AshtonAshton Brasher is the Internal Communications Manager at United Way of Greater Atlanta. For more information on SPARK, email [email protected]

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