Young Professional Leaders Work to Create Brighter Tomorrows

At the beginning of the year, United Way of Greater Atlanta President, Milton Little, Jr., posed a question to our Young Professional Leaders (YPL): How are the children? The well-being of children in any given community is a direct indicator of how the larger community is doing. As a compassionate group of Atlanta’s emerging leaders under 40, YPL took inspiration from Milton’s challenge and sprang into action to help our region’s children thrive.

Taking Initiative to End Childhood Homelessness in Greater Atlanta

13450749_10155127732167316_1936695863688244238_nYPL focused service events throughout the year around children and families and set a breakthrough goal to net $50,000 to a United Way initiative. After digging deeper into the issues surrounding child homelessness, the YPL Advisory Board voted for proceeds from our year-end gala in June, “Night for a Brighter Tomorrow,” to benefit United Way Kids Home Initiative (KHI) – a comprehensive and long-term solution to fight childhood homelessness.

I am proud to say that YPL exceeded its goal, with net proceeds raised of $70,000 to create sustainable change in our community. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors – including presenting sponsor Delta Air Lines, our partners, YPL members, YPL Advisory Board and the great work of United Way of Greater Atlanta that makes this possible.

Continue the Momentum & Make a Difference

I am excited to see what YPL will do next and am honored to pass the baton of YPL Chair to Ivan Shammas, General Manager at Telemundo.  I encourage all of you to continue the momentum and movement of YPL and get involved! You’ll make great connections, see the work of United Way firsthand and most importantly – help create sustainable, positive change in Atlanta. Visit to learn more and join. You won’t regret lending a hand to lift up your community!

Juanda Roberts is the 2015 – 2016 Board Chair of United Way of Greater Atlanta Young Professional Leaders, as well as Alliance Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLC.

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Atlanta continues to thrive with philanthropy

Alicia Philipp, president, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Alicia Philipp, president, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

By Alicia Philipp, president, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, an organization I’ve had the privilege to lead for the last 39 years, turns 65 this year. At that age, many are looking forward to retirement, but that’s not us, we’re ramping up to do even more to improve our region! Continue reading

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Gwinnett Gets a GRIP on Recidivism

Nationally, more than 67 percent of prisoners are rearrested within three years of their release and over 50 percent are ultimately re-incarcerated at a further cost to local taxpayers and society at large – it costs $46 per day to house an inmate in the Gwinnett County Detention Center (GCDC). And while there are many underlying conditions that encourage this cycle of criminal relapse or recidivism, Gwinnett County is making great inroads on some of the more common issues such as the lack of access to housing, support services and employment for former inmates. Through the Gwinnett Reentry Intervention Program (GRIP), the county is beginning to break this long-running cycle while quickly becoming a worthy example for similar programs around the Southeast. Continue reading

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An Efficient Way to Save

By Kalie Lasiter, program associate, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

We all know that summer in Georgia is hot, hot, hot! As temperatures continue to rise, so do our utility bills. But how do you balance staying cool with saving money? And how do you prioritize energy efficiency when faced with old and wasteful systems and equipment? These are questions many nonprofits struggle with on a daily basis. Continue reading

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“Slacktivists” or the new activists?

Entitled. Irresponsible. Lazy. Self-Absorbed.

All are words that are frequently used to describe us, “millennials.”  The articles are everywhere, and there are even classes and webinars about how to manage “us.” It amazes me! Continue reading

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Grantmaking opportunity aims to achieve positive healthcare outcomes in Clayton County

By Tyronda Minter, director, regional impact, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

In my role at the Community Foundation, I have come to know people and places in our 23-county service area pretty well. In three counties where we have geographically-focused donor-advised funds, I have had the opportunity to work closely with local residents who volunteer regularly to build local philanthropy. For example, the Clayton Fund, founded in 1992 and now called Spark Clayton!, is driven by residents who live and work in Clayton County and who are deeply knowledgeable about local issues. They spark philanthropy to address critical community issues in the county. Since 2003, the Fund has made more than 58 grants to local nonprofits totaling more than $252,000. Continue reading

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Volunteer in your community June 21


When’s the last time you volunteered? If you have to stop and think about it, it’s probably been awhile. Are you having a hard time connecting to a cause? Maybe you’re not finding opportunities in your community? Or you’re looking for a day where you and other like-minded folks can band together and tackle a community project. Continue reading

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Succession planning makes nonprofits stronger

By Lita Pardi, senior program officer, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

For the last seven years, my work at the Community Foundation has focused on how the Foundation can help strengthen nonprofits, from providing grants for operations to funding that helps address organizational challenges. The aim is for those nonprofits to help their clients achieve their goals. Early in 2013 I began a journey to learn about what makes a nonprofit executive transition successful. We were aware that some executive directors were retiring and knew that transitions are complex, and ultimately wanted to see what role the Foundation could play. Continue reading

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How early should you teach children to save?

Did you know that children as young as five can learn about saving money? Five might seem young, but according to the Journal of Consumer Affairs, it’s the perfect time to start a child’s financial education. So, how do you start talking to a five-year-old about saving money? Continue reading

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Unlocking possibilities

By Lesley Grady, senior vice president, community, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

A few months ago while rushing, I made too many moves too quickly and locked myself out of my house. I was stuck in my garage, unable to gain access to either my home or my car. Losing my keys had me frustrated and, even worse, made me miss an important appointment. Continue reading

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