Hope for Victims of Human Trafficking

By Sarah Anne Smith and Genevieve Holmes, Junior League of Atlanta

This month, the U.S. recognizes the 7th annual National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. First acknowledged in 2010 by Presidential proclamation, the month of awareness events is designed to culminate in our nation’s annual celebration of National Freedom Day on February 1st. Continue reading

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The Junior League of Atlanta Continues its Fight to End Human Trafficking and Generational Poverty in Atlanta

By Kristy Offitt, PR Coordinator, Junior League of Atlanta

Kristy Offitt, PR Coordinator, Junior League of Atlanta

Kristy Offitt, PR Coordinator, Junior League of Atlanta

In addition to being a time for resolutions and renewed diets – no matter how briefly maintained – January is both human trafficking awareness and national poverty awareness month. More accurately, it is “Poverty in America Awareness” and” National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness” month. While human trafficking and poverty are separate and distinct issues, they are similar in at least one very important respect: they both impact some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. Victims of commercial sex exploitation and human trafficking come from all racial, religious, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Continue reading

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GAIN Offers Safety Net to Immigrant Trafficking Victims

Cara Hergenroether, 2015-16 Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Cara Hergenroether, JLA Issue-based Community Impact Coordinator

By Cara Hergenroether

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of what the Department of Homeland Security calls modern day slavery, both around the world and in the city of Atlanta. In recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we’re recognizing Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN), one of the Junior League of Atlanta’s community partners that is on a mission to ensure that trafficking victims get a fresh start in the United States. Continue reading

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A Gap in Resources Difficult to See

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-10-37-14-amBy Kyle Waide, President and CEO, Atlanta Community Food Bank

It is the time of year for feeling overwhelmed. It always happens, right? We are, all of us, bustling around making preparations to close out our year, getting ready for holiday and travel plans, trying to remember everybody and worried about who we might forget. Continue reading

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JLA: Celebrating a Century of Transformational Change

On Monday, the Junior League of Atlanta celebrated International Volunteer Day and the mid-point of our Centennial Year. The women of the JLA, with whom I am proud to serve, dedicate their time and talents each day to make a difference in our community. Today’s JLA leaders continue to build a Legacy of Proven Leadership, 100 years in the making. Continue reading

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100 Years, Thousands of Voices

Earlier this month, the voters of Georgia passed a constitutional amendment, establishing the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund. A dedicated source of funding will provide restorative services like safe housing, trauma counseling and medical treatment to child victims of sex trafficking without raising or creating any new taxes.[1] Continue reading

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Diving into Digital Advocacy: 3 Strategic Ways to use Social Media for Advocacy, Engagement and Action

By Candace Bazemore, Technology Training Chair and Marketing Liaison for the Junior League of Atlanta

The Junior League of Atlanta (JLA) is one of many non-profits that are successfully diving into Digital Advocacy and utilizing it as a key component of their advocacy initiatives. Recently, the JLA launched its second annual Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI), a week long fundraising campaign aimed at drawing awareness to generational poverty. Continue reading

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Building Capacity Through Training for 100 Years

Cara T. Snow, VP-Elect Training & Development, Junior League of Atlanta

Cara T. Snow, VP-Elect Training & Development, Junior League of Atlanta

by Cara T. Snow, VP-Elect Training & Development, Junior League of Atlanta 

“We are a training organization,” is an oft repeated phrase around the Junior League of Atlanta. In fact, the mission of the JLA explicitly states the organization is committed to “improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.” Our members volunteering with community partners like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta or Kate’s Club learn about the unique clients these organizations serve. Those serving inside the League gain key management skills like developing a line budget, managing volunteers, advocating for important issues, fundraising and effectively running a meeting. For a century, the constant question has been what more can we do to train the next generation of women leaders? Continue reading

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I’m a Survivor of Sex Trafficking. Here’s Why I’m Voting Yes on Amendment 2

By Dorsey Jones, Lead Case Manager, Haven ATL

What if you lived next door to a young girl and she tells you she is hungry and looking for food? You tell her you have nothing to give, even though you have plenty to offer.

Later you see that same young girl walking the streets at odd times during the night, jumping in and out of parked cars. Soon she’s the topic of conversation in gossip circles across the small town where you both live. People wonder aloud how this child could “make such bad choices,” offering no shortage of judgment and ridicule. Continue reading

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Lucy Carpenter Vance is Named Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year

By Kim E. Anderson, CEO of Families First, Inc. 

Many are called to community service, many even excel and do great work, but Lucy Carpenter Vance is truly in a class by herself. A devoted volunteer and advocate for underserved children for many decades, Ms. Vance has made a daily practice of offering to those in need, her time, keen strategic counsel, and financial support with unswerving generosity.

Lucy Vance

Lucy Vance

For nearly three decades, Ms. Vance has served Families First, to help Atlanta’s oldest non-profit organization develop into one of the region’s largest and most influential family services agencies. Her dedication to Families First is part of a generational legacy of volunteer leadership; she is the grand-daughter of James Comer Malone who served on the board of another organization that eventually merged with Families First.

Last year, Ms. Vance served as the co-chair of Families First’s $13.2 million Family Matters capital campaign which made the agency’s recent move back to the Westside possible. Now Families First’s main office is located one mile from where the organization was founded 126 years ago on, what is now, the campus of Spelman College where Ms. Vance also served as a past trustee.

Families First is hardly the only organization to benefit from Ms. Vance’s charity of spirit. She is a past president of The Junior League of Atlanta, and she was also the co-founder, with Jean Childs Young, of the Atlanta/Fulton Commission on Children and Youth. In addition, she served as a board member for the Atlanta Women’s Foundation, as a trustee of both The Westminster School, from which she graduated in 1961. She is also a past member of the Executive Committee of The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta.

There are not enough accolades that can be bestowed on Lucy Carpenter Vance which is why Families First and The Junior League of Atlanta proudly joined together to nominate her for the Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year award by the Atlanta Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). The honor is sponsored by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. Indeed, we are even prouder to congratulate her as the recipient of this much deserved recognition on National Philanthropy Day.

Her passion for volunteerism began at the Atlanta Speech School where she helped hearing impaired children. She was later recruited to serve on that organization’s board, a position she held for 20 years and to which she was elected chairman during her tenure. Ms. Vance also served as a trustee of The Jesse Parker Williams Foundation for 18 years.

Lucy Carpenter Vance’s philanthropic and fundraising efforts continue to inspire a new generation of Atlanta leaders to volunteer for a variety of charities and causes that support the health and wellbeing of the children of Metropolitan Atlanta.

“Lucy Vance embodies the mission of our organization,” stated Junior League of Atlanta President, Deanna Anderson. “Her commitment to volunteerism and dedication to improving the lives of women and children exemplify a proven legacy of leadership and we are delighted by the recognition of this exceptional civic leader.



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