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Uberizing Big Trucks: 18 Wheels Have Never Been So Cool Or Important

For the commute-weary driver, autonomous technology represents a sexy splurge, but for fleet operations, full autonomy represents the singular business imperative of the 21st century.

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Donald Trump, political heir to Georgia’s Sonny Perdue

Political elites said he stood no chance, but I’m not talking about Mr. Trump. Rather, another discounted outsider, here in Georgia, some 14 years before our new president-elect stepped into the political focus.

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With a green light from the Feds, states race to regulate driverless cars

California lawmakers conditionally approved the road-testing of high autonomy cars, becoming the first state to flesh out an innovation-nurturing framework after federal regulators last month gave the green light to driverless technology.

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Schock and awe: a Democrat, in defense of Aaron Schock

“Good government” Democrats have wavered into the peculiar spot of defending former Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican who left office last year amid a federal corruption probe.

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In wake of Orlando, answer the call to serve – What could a thousand points of light do for their country?

We ought to cultivate the Millennial wellspring of idealism, to help the next generation find common cause through national service.

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The reason why the ‘next Uber’ might never exist

Across the full spectrum of the economy, entrenched industries have mobilized at all levels of government to arrest the disruptive economy.

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Disruptors: Ignore public policy at your peril

The disruption economy took one on the chin last month when a Pennsylvania regulatory panel saddled Uber with an outrageous $11.4 million fine.

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The solution to Georgia’s ‘millennial challenge’

The single largest generation in American history, the challenge of attracting millennials to live, work, and invest in Georgia isn’t simply an option but an imperative.

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Gov. Nathan Deal’s conservative choice on religious liberty

The action by Georgia’s Republican governor this week to block a controversial religious liberty proposal caught some allies under the Gold Dome by surprise.

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In debate, appeal to better angels not base instinct

Whether we’ve directly contributed to the decline of American debate—by throwing a punch or likening opponents to Hitler—or simply watched in silence, we all owe a measure of blame. I won’t watch in silence any longer.

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