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National service, not government, will make America great

By Eric Tanenblatt Ed. Note: This item was originally published in The Hill. As the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 lurched to a close after months of grueling debate, history holds that a woman approached Benjamin Franklin to ask whether the …

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A vote for ‘selfies’ in the voter booth

Voters in Georgia “Post the Peach” voting stickers for many reasons. We should consider two easy measures that would allow voters to show even more pride when they vote in the next elections.

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Robots and red tape: Regulatory uncertainty in Uber’s self-driving bet

Driverless cars represent the true Wild West of public policy By Eric Tanenblatt Ed. Note: This column originally ran in Recode. When Uber sets loose the world’s largest commercial fleet of autonomous vehicles on the streets of Pittsburgh, Penn., this …

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The four public policy questions every startup should ask–but isn’t

Almost everyone you encounter these days is nursing aspirations they might develop the “next Uber.” Now, most of these apps will fail, but a select few will fundamentally reorder the way we live.

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